Siam Agri Supply participated rice farming activity in “Encourage City People to Join Rice Cultivation” project

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Siam Agri Supply Company Limited participated in rice farming activity in “Encourage City People to Join Rice Cultivation” project at Thepnaka Drinking Water Community Enterprise, Sainoi subdistrict, Bangbarn district, Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya which was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya. The objective of this project was to enable the consumers to meet with the real farmers, to learn about their way of life and farming technique, starting from rice farming in a paddy-sown field, the maintenance, harvesting including processing. People attending the project had an opportunity to learn more about a variety of rice being cultivated; that is, gor kor 43 which can grow well in irrigable area in the central region. Such variety of rice is considered good quality in terms of taste and touch; therefore, it can respond more pertinently to the consumption behavior of most urban people.

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This activity had gained interest from many urban people who came with their family, a group of friends and companies including Siam Agri Supply. Everyone joined force with the farming teacher in practicing rice cultivation. After the harvest had been completed, they can bring cultivated rice back home for their own consumption. Farmers will gain more incomes. We are happy while at the same time gaining knowledge and understanding of rice farming technique and had a chance to try rice farming in a paddy-sown field by themselves. Nonetheless, this activity will continue and the opening schedule and rice farming will start on 23 June with the Kwan Khao Ceremony (a ceremony in honor and worship of the Goddess of Rice Grains) on 11 August, harvesting on 22 September and the closing of the rice paddy field will be held on 24 Novermber 2018.

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If anyone is interested in this activity, he/she can still enroll and the registration fee is 14,000 baht per rai or a group of 8 people will be charged at 2,800 baht each per rai or 3,500 baht per ngarn. Please enroll via facebook: MA THAM NA (

Thepnaka Drinking Water Community Enterprise, Sai Noi subdistrict, Bangbarn district, Ayutthaya and Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya Provincial Agricultural Extension Office          

For additional information, please contact tel. 089-788-8924, 081-946-5457, 081-726-9213

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