About Us

For more than a decade, we have been committed to developing products to receive the international standards in tandem with future mega trends. We aim to provide holistic health care that is consistent with people’s daily lifestyles for sustainable happiness with probiotic products that answer all needs in a comprehensive way.

Driven by the desire to see Thai people have good health and well-being, SAS has diligently researched and developed various biotechnology products, collaborating with experts, academic institutions, and leading national organizations. This is to enhance business opportunities and sustainably improve the quality of life for people.

Products crafted by the hands
& hearts of our experts

Siam Agri Supply Co., Ltd., also known as SAS, is one of the pioneers in the field of biotechnology. We have grown from being a producer and distributor of agricultural products between organizations since 2011, with GMP and HACCP standards. We have embarked on using biotechnology, particularly focusing on beneficial microorganisms, to enhance the quality of the company’s original agricultural products. Our motivation comes from the desire to apply knowledge of microorganisms to develop products for the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment.

We grew from being a producer to a developer
and crafting biotechnology.

Our History


Sustainable wellness soulution for the one we love


Crafting Biotechnology FOR A Better Living


Grow with our team

At SAS, we do everything with passion until it becomes our expertise. We enjoy ourselves along the journey of researching and crafting a wide variety of biotechnology products. 

We believe that all teammates must be rewarded for their hard work.

Grow with the community

We apply our knowledge of biotechnology to develop various products. At the same time, we are open to products from farmers and other producers who share similar values to bring the society and the community forward with us.

Grow with our society

We aim to do our best to deliver products and services that allow the society to evolve together with our biotechnology expertise.



Ethics toward Corporate

We adhere to the principles of good governance in business operations. We take measures that are acceptable by the society to prevent illegal activities.

Ethics toward Customers

We are aware of the products and services’ high standards. Products are traceable by consumers, with good internal production control system, accurate product information, respect the intellectual property that results from our research and development of the company’s products.

Ethics toward Employees

We take into account the rights, freedoms, welfare and benefits that employee receive. Respecting human rights and fairness, with protection against discriminatory and support legal licensed working tools.

Ethics towards Business Partners

We places importance on treating business partners and competitors with fairness, aligning with the principles of equality, no personal relationships, build trust to maintain a good relationship in business operations.

Ethics towards Environmental

We recognize the importance of environmental and ecological protection, executives and employees must pay attention to hygiene and safety of the community by considering the best actions for the society.

Quality And Safety Policy

Focus on innovative products and services beyond standard levels.
Delivering value and creating satisfaction with a professional team on an international level in a sustainable way.