Siam Agri Supply participated in an Annual Shrimp Festival of the Central Region

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Siam Agri Supply Company Limited participated in the activity in releasing aquatic animal species held during 22-23 June. This event was organized in honor of Somdet Phra Nang Chao Sirikit Phra Borom Mahachininat Phra Borommarach Chonnani Phanpi Luang and was held at Krasiew Dam, Dan Chang district. In addition, the Company participated in an exhibition booth displaying products used for aquatic animals in an “Annual Shrimp Festival of the Central Region ”. This event was co-organized by Suphanburi, Department of Fisheries, Thai Animal Breeding Association and four Quality Shrimp Aquaculture Clubs; namely, Suphanburi Shrimp Farmers Club, Nakornpathom Shrimp Farmers Club, Kanchanaburi Shrimp Farmers Club and Rachaburi Shrimp Farmers Club as well as Shrimp Farmers Association. The event was organized with the objective to increase the productivity of aquatic animals in natural water sources in Suphanburi while encouraging a brainstorming of every related party in Thailand’s shrimp industry in the area of problem solution and increasing competitiveness of the shrimp industry in Thailand. In addition, the event had promoted shrimp farming, especially in the central region while ensuring the business stability and sustainability in accordance with safety measures in raising aquatic animals while taking into consideration the issues of environmental friendliness and market requirement. Shrimp Farmers Association of Thailand also held an offsite meeting and a seminar under the topic of “Safety in Shrimp Breeding, Care for the Environment and Adherence to International Standard.”

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Siam Agri Supply had organized an exhibition booth displaying the Company’s raw materials employed in animal feeds of aquatic animals such as fish meal, chicken meal, fermented bean, fish oil and most importantly our newly introduced product called “Biotic Max 2”. Biotic Max 2 which comes in a bright blue package, enhances biotic level for shrimps so that their intestine will be well balanced and their food absorbtion capacity becomes faster and more efficient. Shrimps will have more probiotics than pathogens that in turn minimize the risk of be infected with some diseases. Besides, we also offer ready-to-use microorganism for cultivation pond treatment under the brand “Aqua Prep” that can be utilized throughout raising procedure to promote water quality of the pond. We also gave away a small packet of “Aqua Prep” for sample to those who attended our exhibition. In sum, we had received a warm welcome from many farmers.

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