Siam Agri Supply Company Limited (SAS) participated in an exhibition booth of an international trade

Throughout these 3 days, many visitors had joined and visited our booth. Our key concept this year is to become a manufacturer and distributor of raw materials used to produce the animal feeds. Our mission is to consistently develop our products by applying biotechnology to ultimately producing biological https://www.standardscheap.com/ microorganism products that are safe for the livestocks, pets, people as well as the environment, just like our slogan of “Caring for Every Life”.

Besides, we successfully introduced cheap standards the product used in animal husbandry that responds to measure regarding antibiotic-free, starting from the upstream to the downstream, to ensure that the consumers can enjoy only safe and healthy products, similar to our mission “Antibiotics free in 2020, SAS is your answers.”

Our most popular and famous product is “Biotic Max” which is a probiotic product suitable for all kinds of animals. Biotic Max helps increase the number of probiotics in the alimentary canal and promote the body’s immune system; therefore, animals’ overall health definitely improve and the growth rate also increases as a result. Biotic Max can be used as an ingredient in the animal feeds or can be fed directly. Our finished biological microorganisms used to treat water and https://www.sharestandard.com/ eliminate odor is called “Aqual Prep and Micro Clean”. In addition, we had introduced our new product “Easy Clean” that can be employed to eliminate unpleasant odor in the toilet bowl and water pipe. Our product is safe for both human beings and animals as well as environmental-friendly.

Siam Agri Supply Company Limited (SAS) would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers and everyone who devote their precious time to visit our exhibition https://www.techcodesale.com/ booth as well as giving us an opportunity to introduce our products and services. We truly hope that you will give us another opportunity to fulfill every of your need and requirement. Sincerely thanks from all of us at SAS.