Siam Agri Supply Company Limited expressed their sincere gratitude to all customers and suppliers fo

Siam Agri Supply Company Limited had received a warm welcome from both customers and suppliers, including new customers, both domestic and foreign, from VIV Asia and other events who were interested in our products. The Company would like to express our sincere gratitude to all customers and suppliers who confided in our products and had continually supported us throughout all these years. We would like to show our sincerity by maintaining our high quality and standard and will do our best to consistently develop new product line that best respond to every of your need.

Siam Agri Supply has realized the importance of the product development as the Company has consistently invested in research and development of new products and we also work cohesively with Mr.Wichien Yongmanitchai Ph.D, a former academician in biological microorganism at Kasetsart University. The Company and Mr.Wichien cooperatively initiated and developed protein supplementary food that combines all 3 species of microorganisms; namely, bacillus subtilis, lactobacillus acidophilus and saccharomyces cerevisiae and fermented with soybean meal to improve its nutritional value until high quality fermented soybean is derived. This fermented soybean is different from others available in the market in that the technologies have been specifically combined to facilitate the fermentation process to enable each microorganism specie to produce the enzyme that reduces various anti-nutritious factors and to produce the highest quality nutrition. From our continued dedication in product development, the Company successfully found the best scenario in generating lactic acid from L.acidophilus and protease enzyme from B.subtilis so that microorganism can produce highly concentrated enzyme to digest large-molecule protein in soybean meal for easy absorbtion and digestion. As a result, high quality plant protein with short-chain peptide is achieved. The customers can employ our products as a source of protein for every animal specie or use with young animals that require easily digestible and absorbable protein. Therefore, this product best responds to the group of customers who prefers high quality and easily digestible protein as well as lactic acid.

Currently, probiotics have been increasingly popular as food additive since they can improve food’s quality while simultaneously balancing microbiotics in the alimentary canal. This, in turn, helps enhance productivity efficiency to replace and minimize the use of antibiotics. Consequently, we have consistently developed various products to respond to market requirement and such newly introduced product is a premixed substance or probiotic under the brand “Biotic Max”. Biotic Max is appropriate for the nutrition of many types of animals, whether they will be land animals, aquatic animals and pets. We also acknowledge the significance of safety issues on human beings, animals as well as environmental friendliness. That is why we successfully developed a new product known as ready-to-use microorganism product that can treat wastewater and suitable for utilization in both farming and industrial plants.