“Reung Charoen Farm” – the largest egg-laying hen farm in Lampun

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Last January, our team from Siam Agri Supply Company Limited had an opportunity to travel to Lampun to visit one of our customers, Khun Reung Chaiyathep, the owner of “Reung Charoen Farm”, the largest egg-laying hen farm that has employed our probiotic product or “Biotic Max 2”. Such visit is to follow-up results from our customers who did try our product and to utilize the insight for further product development to respond to customers’ needs more effectively. After the actual result had been collected, we found out that our customers have been satisfied with the efficiency of Biotic Max 2 and that is why they have consistently supported our product until present.

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Khun Reung Chaiyathep is very well-known amoung those who operate the egg-laying business as he started this farming business way back in 1984. Previously, chicken raising is operated in an open farm and he did all the management by himself, so he has gained profound knowledge and experience in handling various situations in a timely manner. At present, Khun Reung owns 2 closed chicken coops and he also applies condo-like cages in EVAP system in raising the total of 75,000 egg-laying hens as well as 38,000 broilers. In terms of chickens’ feeds, he had invented his own recipe, mixed with probiotic product to enhance their immune system. The ratio between Biotic Max 2 and animal feeds is 0.5:700 kilograms and must be used consistently. The farm’s productivity will be delivered to the distribution center located in front of the farm and currently the farm has 3 egg separator machines of which the total price is 350,000 baht and can separate up to 60,000 eggs per day. The distribution center emphasizes mainly on wholesale and not retail since he prefers vendors to distribute and sell directly to consumers. These vendors come from nearby provinces such as Chieng Rai, Prae and Lampun while retail customers buying directly from the distribution center are customers living nearby and those who purchase on a regular basis are our regular customers who prefer our fine skin eggs.

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In terms of safety, husbandry farm has been appropriately separated from egg distribution center in accordance with hygienic principle. A close monitoring and supervision of every small detail has also conducted, including entrance and exit of the farm. Trucks transporting raw materials must be inspected and sterilized when entering and exiting the area. Every material that may be at risk of being infectious must be closely supervised to ensure the utmost safety and to prevent the farm from being contaminated. In addition, the Department of Livestock Development will perform a monthly inspecction at the egg distribution center to collect some eggs for further testing.

Future plan – According to current condition of animal husbandry and price strategy, Khun Reung gradually adjust his raising technique based on current circumstance. He also plans to build a new warehouse to store the corn whisk and food processor relocated from Hang Dong.