One Stop Service

Who We Are

SAS Started out as a feed supply company in 2011,committed to supply the market with the finest quality premium feed ingredients, and have been implementing ISO9001 as part of our quality management system. Annually, SAS imports around 60,000-70,000 tonnes per year, an estimated value of more than one billion baht. We also export our products to countries like  Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, and Japan.

We dedicate ourselves to research and develop  microbiology biotechnology to  produce products from natural probiotics, a variety of quality health products, and utilizing bio-innovation for better health in a sustainable way.

 With more than 10 years in the agriculture and feed business, we capitalise on our experience in the animal feed industry by offering a one stop service, providing an ultimate service to assist organizations with access to the Thai market with reliable resources, documentation, logistics, and marketing. We’ll be the one-to-one assistance for your business, helping you at every step along the way. With our expertise, organizations like yours would be connecting with the right people to find the right solution.


From our experience in this business, we closely follow the government regulations and work along  with our  business partners to offer documentation services. We have consulted and assisted in over 70 animal feed registrations under SAS group and partners all over Thailand. We will  walk you through all the licensing process requirements, connecting you to the people in the market to get you started on the right path.


We provide a complete logistics service working with our 20 logistics partners with an international standard, tailored to suit your specific needs. Our service covers import customs clearance procedures requirements, transporting, and storing your products in secure units. WE use a management system that is highly efficient to communicate with the warehouses and distribution center in Bangkok and other products to support the transportation route from all locations.

Business Matching

We provide business matching services to help reduce the cost and increase the efficiency in trading, opening up new opportunities to trade freely in Thailand. Along with helping you to reach your customer base, including all business sizes from small to large enterprises in all over Thailand.

Marketing and Sales Channel

SAS has a GMP and HACCP certified feed raw material factory, and our business is currently investing  in businesses in Myanmar. We also invested more than 20 million baht  in research and development of innovative biotechnology products to reduce the use of antibiotics and sell to over 251 large to medium-sized farms through 188 salespeople in all regions across the country. We also expanded other businesses to cover the entire agricultural industry, agri-environmental industry, pet industry, and the health industry.


SAS offers after-sales service to make sure that the customers are always satisfied, with our professional staff and a knowledgeable technical support team. Our service team will assist the customers with all product inquiries for optimum quality.  We also integrate sustainable practices in every process of all our operations to make sure that our products are solving a problem for the society.

We have professional sales team who takes care of more than 300 clientele in
feed and farm groups across business sector including aquatic, swine,
and poultry all over Thailand.

One Stop Service

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