Medical supplies that activate animal’s consumption to achieve its specified target

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At present, animal husbandry, in terms of breeding and housing management, can be administered, except in a case of unpredictable weather condition, can be controlled and monitored. However, we can adjust our raising technique, feed’s quality or ratio of nutrients to be appropriate for changing weather that may directly affect the animals themselves. We can enhance delectable by adding supplementary substances or food additives into feeds recipe to achieve our established target. During summer, animals tend to eat less food while their body heat can directly affect their growth. Therefore, we must increase more concentrated nutrients while simultaneously minimize carbohydrate. Also, we can stimulate animals’ appetite by adding pure nucleotide to activate the animals’ gustatory perception that in turn helps stimulate their appetite and production efficiency.

What is nucleotide?

            Nucleotide is the basic structure of neucleic acid which consists of nucleoside and phosphate. Nucleoside comprises of nitrogenous base (or base) and pentose (with 5 molecules of carbon). The base can be divided into 2 groups according to its structure as follows:

1. Pyrimidine: Cytosine (C), Thymine (T) and Uracil (U)

2. Purine: Adenine (A) and Guanine (G)

            Nucleotide is the main structure of both DNA and RNA. It has a significant implication in metabolism procedure of the body as well as deemed an important factor in dividing cells and building new cells necessary for the baby’s growth. Nucleotide can be found mostly in breastmilk and colestrum.

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Nucleotide with an efficiency in gustatory perception such as IMP and GMP in which GMP is more efficient than IMP in terms of perception. However, gustatory perception of nucleotide will depend on glutamed that naturally increases taste buds. We have found out that the ratio of IMP:GMP is 50:50 or A50:50.

            Typically, our taste buds can be activated by glutamate and nucleotide (or small molecules lined up to form DNA) Our sensory perception in the tongue and throat does not yield any gustatory perception but makes us satisfied with food. Glutamate and nucleotide such as adenosine, ADP (adenosine diphosphate), ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and UTP (uridinetriphosphate) which are neurotransmitters that can activate nerve cells, sensory perceptions or other cells where their receptors can also be stimulated by glutamate, adenosine, ADP, ATP or UTP.

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Secret of delicacy

            We have a unique recipe that stimulates animals’ appetite and we have appropriately modified nucleotide proportion while stimulating these animals’ appetite and food delicacy. This can be noticed by stimulating saliva to ensure regular consumption rate. Nonetheless, we must carefully consider what kind of raw materials that shall be added in the animal feeds at an appropriate amount for each animal specie and the production cost specified.

Optimate: 100% pure nucleotide that clearly stimulates the sensory perception, that in turn, will activate their appetite while nucleotide added into their body will improve their productivity in particular.

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