Good quality fermented soybean meal

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Each animal specie requires different amount of feed and energy for their survival and growth at each stage. Therefore, raw materials used as feed additives such as fish meal, soybean meal, rice bran, grits, fermented soybean meal as well as supplementary food like probiotic or finished food must be of good quality. The source of such raw materials must be inspected while effective feeding technique must be administered to respond to such animal’s requirement.

            Fermented soybean meal is one of the most effective raw material that can replace concentrated soybean protein. This fermented soybean meal is produced from dehulled soybean meal from which its oil has already been extracted and then fermented with microorganism. The purpose is to facilitate protein digestion to convert it into a form of short peptide or free amino acid that in turn will facilitate easy and speedy digestion as well as absorbtion of such protein. The type of microorganism used in fermentation process has been carefully selected to ensure its quality in generating protease enzyme such as Bacillus spp., Aspergillus spp. etc.

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Raw soybean meal as a protein source can be mixed with animal feeds; however, raw soybean meal can incur a negative impact on animals as they contain anti-nutritional factors such as Trypsin inhibitor, Hemaglutin, Lectin and B-conglycinin. Generally speaking, such substances cause a decline in productivity that in turn minimizes the digestion of protein, carbohydrate and fat (Herkelma et al., 1992)

            Currently, most of the soybean meals are generated from soybean oil extract. Soybean meal will be processed under heat during which anti-nutritional factors will be destroyed. Nonetheless, soybean meal contains some types of organic matter that are heat resistant. Animals cannot digest such organic matters or benefits from them. These organic matters include Non-starch polysaccharides (NSP, which can be commonly found in a form of Galacto-Oligosaccharide (Stachyose and Raffinose) and Phytin owing to potential usage limitations.

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At present, the quality of fermented soybean meal has been consistently improved so that its protein quality will be as closest as that of fish meal. This can be achieved by employing enzymes from bacillus microorganism in the fermentation process. Therefore, protein can be digested more easily while anti-nutritinal factors such as Trypsin inhibitor, B-conglycinin and Lectin will be eliminated. Besides, small peptides or short peptides are probiotics that are easily digestible; thus, animals can absorb these nutrients more speedily. These small peptides are highly soluble and facilitate and balance the alimentary system, so the number of probiotics will be higher than that of pathogens and inhibit these pathogens from further growth.

Why is fermented soybean meal suitable for animal feeds?

1. Fermented soybean meal can be employed as protein supplement for every animal specie, especially for young animals.

2. Fermented soybean meal will improve protein utilization since such protein has been digested and become short peptide as well as free amino acid.

3. Fermented soybean meal contains low anti-nutritional factor which does not disturb the alimentary canal of young animals; therefore, the animals can fully benefit from these nutrients.

4. Fermented soybean meal can replace other protein sources that are more expensive such as concentrated soybean protein or can substitute for the animal’s protein.

5. Animals’ health will improve since there are no longer risks due to growth inhibitor, fungi and ineffective sugar.

6. Fermented soybean meal is aromatic, so it activates the animals’ appetite.

7. Microorganisms classified as probiotic help boost the animal’s growth, balance the alimentary system, control pathogens and can replace antibiotics in the long run if employed continuously.

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Protein supplementary product made from soybean by improving the quality soybean meal to be similar to that of fish meal as much as possible. Enzymes from bacillus can be employed in the fermentation process with raw materials which are the unique recipe of Siam Agri Supply. Therefore, this product is as concentrated as probiotic peptide.

            This protein supplementary product is easy digestible since it is a small peptide while probiotics help balance the animal’s alimentary canal. This product has the same quality as that of fish meal and can be used interchangeably.