Products crafted by the hands & hearts of our experts

                Siam Agri Supply, known as SAS, has started as a producer and distributor of agricultural and animal feed raw materials to feed mills and farms all over Thailand. In 2011, we set up a team of experts along with our own laboratories and factories that are GMP and HACCP certified. SAS has invested in research and development in probiotics biotechnology to improve our original line of products and innovate new products to ensure the best quality, put our effort into reducing antibiotics usage, and utilizing animal by-products to minimize waste.

We grew from being a producer and distributor to a creator in probiotics biotechnology”

        SAS is currently innovating new health products for humans, pets, and livestocks. Our goal is to reduce antibiotic usage and produce clean foods for all by selecting the most suitable probiotics for our local conditions & lifestyles that are effective to the hands of the consumers.

       We are one of the pioneers in biotechnology, crafting our products with passion and expertise. Our company is driven by people with the same visions, allowing the younger generation to show their ability in an open work environment to support the potential of all people. 

Grow with our team

At SAS, we do everything with passion until it becomes our expertise. We enjoy ourselves along the journey of researching and crafting a wide variety of biotechnology products. 

We believe that all teammates must be rewarded for their hard work.


Grow with the community

We apply our knowledge of biotechnology to develop various products. At the same time, we are open to products from farmers and other producers who share similar values to bring the society and the community forward with us.

Grow with our society

We aim to do our best to deliver products and services that allow the society to evolve together with our biotechnology expertise.


Caring for the ones we love


CRAFT products with passion,
COMBINE with our in-depth knowledge to
INSPIRE the community and
MAKE a positive impact on the environment

Our History

Company Establishment

SAS was established in 2011 to import and distribute agricultural products and animal feed raw materials to feed mills and farms all over Thailand, with a registered capital of 40 million baht. Our goal was to focus on selling quality products based on customers’ needs.

We were devoted to selling the highest quality products that fulfills the customers’ needs and continue to do so till this day.

Business Expansion

We received our GMP and HACCP certifications to ensure the best quality.

Increased our capital investment to expand our distribution channels to overseas markets.

Brand Building

In 2014, we increased our registered capital to 100 million baht to research and develop our raw material feed products with innovative biotechnology in microbiology.

In 2015, we started our own premium fish meal brand called “Pacific Blue” and “Pacific White”

Communicate with our customers through various channels, including events.

Product Research and Development

In 2016, we started operating our Biotechnology Innovation Laboratory, and started producing probiotic food supplements for pets and the livestock industry.

In 2017, we researched and developed wastewater treatment products for the environment.

We prioritize innovations and standards, and started to communicate with our customers through online channels.

Sustainable Development for the Society

In 2018, we researched and developed wastewater treatment products for households, and fully expanded our probiotic food supplement production lines.

We started implementing ISO9001 as part of our quality management system.

Our Future
Being one of the pioneers in bioinnovation

We are working towards becoming a customer centric organization, maximizing every aspect of our services, and being one of the pioneers in bioinnovation for health and happiness.

Quality Policy

Focus on innovative products and services beyond standard levels.
Delivering value and creating satisfaction with a professional team on an international level in a sustainable way.