The benefits

  • Active probiotic in chewable milky tablets
  • Produced by microbial experts, selecting a specific strain for its form
  • Help balance digestive system & nervous system, and strengthen the body’s immunity.
  • Comes in three different flavours: tangy yogurt, rich chocolate, and aromatic milk tea.

        Blissly milky pro chewable milky tablets contains active probiotic, crafted with love, combine with our in-depth knowledge of probiotic. We want to see people enjoy their tasty snacks while getting the benefits at the same time, therefore, we combined our specialty in probiotic with milk tablets for a delicious snack that are not harmful to our health.

         We have carefully selected a specific strain of probiotic from a wide range of beneficial microorganisms to get the right strain for mixing in milk tablets such as Bacillus coagulans, because they are a strong and durable species, even through an impactful process, to ensure that the probiotic are still alive. Bacillus coagulans also stands out in stimulating the immune system, so it is suitable for those who are prone to getting sick during the flu season, along with optimizing the protein absorption and utilization, which is an essential nutrient for children and adults.

        Probiotic are also good microorganisms that are like the main food among the 6th group, as important as other nutrients because if the intestine works well, it affects the digestive system, which is an important system that allows the body to absorb essential nutrients and use them to help us stay healthy.

        At SAS, we have our own laboratory, so there is no need to import microorganisms from abroad, which will reduce energy consumption and the pollution from transportation. We also have an e-Dealer system that helps generate additional income for our staff and people who are interested, to take care of their health along with strengthen the immunity of people and the world at the same time.

        Experience the intense milky flavor with of every tablet.

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